Protect your formula | airless cosmetic bottles | airless pouch technology

airless containers by Lumson

Ensure your clients find your formulas how you intended them to. Introducing airless cosmetic bottles!

Revolutionary airless cosmetic bottles, by Lumson of Italy, feature a thin, collapsible pouch inside the plastic bottle to prevent air from penetrating your formula, helping protect sensitive ingredients from deteriorating.

The airless bottles feature a pump top which functions in any position, even upside down. After total dispensing, less than 5% formula is left in the bottle, providing customers with the satisfaction that they are getting what they pay for.

Every bottle is equipped with a tamper-resistant Eco-lock top that snaps on after filling to prevent it from being removed and protecting it from contamination.

The innovative Lumson design can be used for low and high density formulas and is made from recyclable, bright, thick plastic, making it is easy to transport and stock.

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