Getting started in the cosmetics industry

Getting started in the cosmetics industry. Image courtesy of

Add value to your business with your own branded cosmetics

Have you ever dreamt of seeing your shelves stocked with your own label beauty products? This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Regardless of how big or small your company – whether  you run a beauty salon, hairdressing salon, boutique, speciality store, or chain store – there is nothing to stop you getting started in the cosmetics industry and providing clients with your own label beauty products.

Start small

The best way to get going is to start small. Firstly, decide which area of cosmetics will best support your business:

  • Make-up/color
  • Skin care/treatments
  • Fragrance
  • Personal care (shampoos through to foot products)

For example, hairdressers could start with an everyday shampoo and conditioner. Once the brand is established with clients, they could broaden their range to include specialty shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments.

So how do you manage this without massive start-up costs? Simple, have the products produced for you.

If you require only small quantities, start with a cosmetics manufacturer or private label house. They can supply a range of finished goods in bulk that can be decanted into containers displaying your label.

This is the perfect way of getting started in the cosmetics industry if you own a small boutique or salon. You can get your foot in the door quickly with relatively low overheads, and provide your clients with another service while earning a bit extra.

Disadvantages of private labels is the limited product range your supplier carries, and the labelling they provide.

Trulux’s Private Label service however offers an extensive range of formulas, providing start-ups with an abundance of choice of high quality skin care and hair care.


When your products are selling well and you want to increase quantities, or your business has a high turnover of custom, switch to a cosmetics manufacturer that will develop a product especially for you. This gives you more say in the formulas, packaging and artwork and provides your clients with unique products.

At Trulux, we work with businesses to develop innovative, highly consumable products.

Our qualified chemists and technical support staff can create a unique product line customised to your exact specifications , including research and development, formulation, product selection, packaging selection, graphic design, testing and manufacturing.


Regardless of which avenue you take, if you sell cosmetics under your own name, you are legally responsible for the labelling and product claims in advertising material and brochures.

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