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Tattoo protection: woman with "1 in 3 young adults have a tattoo" written on her back

One in three 18-30 year-olds have a tattoo, and the numbers are growing.

As Millennials age, they are looking for solutions to protect their body art against blurring and fading.

Tattoos degrade when the ink pigments trapped in skin cells are exposed to ultraviolet light, environmental toxins and pollutants that create free radicals. Until recently, there was no other solution to brighten old tattoos than to be re-inked.

Daily skincare treatments that protect tattoos from environmental damage are starting to be in great demand. Millennials are looking for solutions to enhance their tattoos. Do they head back to the tattoo studio for a touch up? Or do you give them a less invasive alternative to brighten their fading tattoos?

Tattoo protection

With skincare now readily available to safeguard tattoos against fading and blurring, there is no better time to jump on the tattooing trend and create your own private tattoo-enhancing skincare label.

Trulux Tattoo Enhancing Cream - protects tattoos from fading and blurring

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Trulux Tattoo Enhancing Cream moisturises skin, protects new tattoos against fading and blurring, and enhances old tattoos. The result is brighter, more vibrant body art.

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