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Why there is a demand for B-white skin whitening

The global skin lightening market is estimated to be $13 billion in value.

In Asia, lighter or whiter skin is associated with a higher social status. Dark skin signifies a hard life, working outdoors in the field being exposed to the sun all day.

In Europe and North America, skin whitening is used as an anti-aging treatment. It is used to help get rid of signs of unhealthy lifestyle habits, aging spots and pollution that have had an effect on the skin.

B-White is a whitening peptide that is encapsulated in Lecithin. Lecithin helps transport the peptide across the skin barrier. The whitening peptide inhibits MITF (microphtalmia-associated transcriptional factor), resulting in the whitening and brightening of the skin.

MITF is the main actor in producing melanin and causing pigmentation.

Présentation PowerPoint

There are many skin whitening ingredients on the market, but a majority of them only work on Tyrosinase, which is a secondary actor in the production of melanin.

With B-White targeting MITF, there is nothing left to instruct the Tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the production of melanin and pigmentation, resulting in whiter skin. Présentation PowerPointPrésentation PowerPoint

B-White can be used in applications such as:

•Whitening care
•Lightening / Brightening care
•Age-spot treatment
•Anti-aging care
•Specific care: hands, armpits, décolleté
•Skin tone equalizer
•Reduction of hyper-pigmentation
•Ethnic skin care

You can purchase B-White here.

Content and images courtesy of Unipex

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