5 step guide to becoming a skincare manufacturer

5-step guide to becoming a skincare manufacturer

You want to get started in the cosmetics industry by becoming a cosmetics and skincare manufacturer. Fantastic! Our 5-step guide ...
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Probiotics in skincare can improve radiance and overall health. Image courtesy of sonyadakar.com

Probiotics in skincare | treats skin complaints | improves complexions

So you want to add another line to your skincare range. Probiotics in skincare can influence our skin microflora and ...
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Becoming a private label cosmetics manufacturer. image courtesy of

So you want to become a private label cosmetics manufacturer

You’ve decided to start your own beauty label. In fact, you want to see your brand in specialty shops or ...
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plant derived growth factors bio-engineered in a lab

The science behind beauty | human v plant-derived growth factors

In part 1 of our Science behind Beauty blog, we looked at how award-winning science is changing the face of ...
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The science behind beauty. Epidermis growth factors. Image courtesy of www.jbioserum.com/

The science behind beauty | cellular activators

How do you separate clever marketing from fact? How does one navigate the daunting number of elixirs on the market ...
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Getting started in the cosmetics industry. Image courtesy of liferoot.com

Getting started in the cosmetics industry

Add value to your business with your own branded cosmetics Have you ever dreamt of seeing your shelves stocked with ...
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