Microbes are essential for all life on Earth. Image courtesy of ebi.ac.uk

Metagenomics | microbial world

Metagenomics offers a powerful lens into the microbial world and has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of life as we ...
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Find the best perfume for your personal care product or cosmetic. Fragrance Wheel courtesy of fragrancesoftheworld.com

The best perfume for cosmetic and personal care formulas

It’s not coincidence that most cosmetics and personal care products are scented to appeal to our sense of smell. For ...
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Genes that are turned on and off through the process of acetylation and methylation. Image courtesy of www.nichd.nih.gov

Epigenetics | anti-ageing at a genetic level

Cosmetic science is increasingly looking at anti-ageing processes at a cellular and genetic level. Until recently, it was accepted knowledge ...
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Methylene blue in lab beaker. Image courtesy of nootropicsexpert.com

Methylene blue | miracle antioxidant | reverses skin ageing

Used widely by biologists to help them see life under the microscope, the blue dye methylene blue is now being ...
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At home hair color provides limitless possibilities for bold and vivid hair. Image courtesy of banduschschnitt.de

Revolutionising at home hair color

From Millennials to Baby Boomers, modern consumers are expecting more from their at-home hair-color kits than what was available a ...
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plants and herbs fermenting in test tubes to be used in fermented beauty products. Image courtesy of Emmedia.uk

Fermented beauty products | happening or hype?

Fermented (probiotic-rich) foods provide large quantities of friendly bacteria which nourish the gut. Thanks to a Korean trend, fermented skincare ...
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