The Chinese market opens up to global brands as animal testing regulations are lifted.

China lifts animal testing policy for a trial period

Cruelty Free International has just signed an agreement with Chinese authorities that allows foreign cosmetics companies to enter the Chinese ...
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Sustainability Certification for Cosmetics

Sustainability is driving the conversation in cosmetics. Consumers are increasingly interested in supporting brands that are cruelty-free, ethical and eco-friendly ...
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Cosmetics trends to watch for in 2018.

Cosmetics trends to watch: 2018-2019

in-cosmetics Global has finished for the year, leaving us with a whirlwind of new ingredients, cosmetics trends and exciting formulations ...
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Keep up to date with EU cosmetic regulations.

2018 Revisions to EU Cosmetic Regulations

New additions to the interpretation of EU cosmetic regulations legislation will affect cosmetic products claiming to be 'free from' (Annex ...
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Microbes are essential for all life on Earth. Image courtesy of

Metagenomics | microbial world

Metagenomics offers a powerful lens into the microbial world and has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of life as we ...
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Find the best perfume for your personal care product or cosmetic. Fragrance Wheel courtesy of

The best perfume for cosmetic and personal care formulas

It’s not coincidence that most cosmetics and personal care products are scented to appeal to our sense of smell. For ...
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