Cosmetics samples are key to building consumer appeal.

Cosmetics Samples for Your Brand | Building Consumer Appeal

In an increasingly e-commerce world, developing sampling initiatives are key to enticing consumers. Cosmetics samples allow consumers to see, touch ...
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Plant oils and butters are the base of a good personal care formula. Here's how to decide between unrefined, processed, virgin and deodorised versions.

Plant oils and butters: virgin, refined, purified, deodorised

Plant oils and butters vary depending upon differing processing methods. Here’s a quick overview: 1. Unrefined or virgin oils and ...
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Australians are searching for eco-friendly packaging when choosing cosmetics brands

Eco-friendly packaging is preferred by 1 in 3 Australians

32% of urban Australians prefer eco-friendly packaging and sustainable beauty products, but only 17% are willing to pay premium prices, ...
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Cosmeceuticals vs pharmaceuticals: what's the difference?

Cosmeceuticals vs Pharmaceuticals in Cosmetics

What is the difference between cosmetics found at supermarkets or department stores and cosmeceutical brands found in spas or speciality ...
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Carob in skincare formulations has remarkable anti-aging properties.

Carob in skincare: not just a diet-friendly chocolate substitute

A 2018 independent study of women 40-56 years old in the United States found that carob in skincare formulations provides ...
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Lifting facial contours through topical skincare may be possible with carnosine and altermonas fermant extract.

Lifting Facial Contours & Jawline | Carnosine, Alteromonas Ferment Extract

Redefining the face and lifting facial contours may be possible with carnosine, Alteromonas ferment extract, hyaluronic acid and a tripeptide according ...
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