Methylene blue in lab beaker. Image courtesy of

Methylene blue | miracle antioxidant | reverses skin ageing

Used widely by biologists to help them see life under the microscope, the blue dye methylene blue is now being ...
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At home hair color provides limitless possibilities for bold and vivid hair. Image courtesy of

Revolutionising at home hair color

From Millennials to Baby Boomers, modern consumers are expecting more from their at-home hair-color kits than what was available a ...
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plants and herbs fermenting in test tubes to be used in fermented beauty products. Image courtesy of

Fermented beauty products | happening or hype?

Fermented (probiotic-rich) foods provide large quantities of friendly bacteria which nourish the gut. Thanks to a Korean trend, fermented skincare ...
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Girl with green gras for hair. Sustainable companies have a green image. Photo courtesy of vavoom cosmetics

Sustainable companies | the greening of the cosmetics industry  

The cosmetics industry is under pressure from governments, NGOs, and more importantly consumers, to adopt more sustainable business practices and ...
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airless containers by Lumson

Protect your formula | airless cosmetic bottles | airless pouch technology

Ensure your clients find your formulas how you intended them to. Introducing airless cosmetic bottles! Revolutionary airless cosmetic bottles, by Lumson ...
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Chemical peels, part 3 of our facial rejuvenation series. Image courtesy of

Chemical peels | part 3 | facial rejuvenation

Chemical peels dissolve the glue between cells, shed dead skin, and remove the damaged outer layer of the epidermis. But ...
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